Whether you co-sleep with your kid(s) all night or just let a little one crawl under the covers with you at 6:30 every morning, any parent who's shared a bed with a child can relate to this video:

From the curious little fingers in your nose and eyes, to those surprisingly powerful tiny kicks to the face and kidneys, to everyone's favorite sleeping position, "The Neck Scarf," Why Co-Sleeping Is No-Sleeping perfectly captures the, uh, joys of snuggling with a squirmy baby. The 1-minute video has 4.7 million views so far.

Need more co-sleeping laughs? Check out the book The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions ($9.95, amazon.com), based on the popular Baby Sleep Positions series on How to Be a Dad. (If you've never experienced the "H," you haven't really lived.)

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