Yup, Therapy Is Expensive. Here's Help

Why the cost of not getting treatment can be catastrophic

Sharing Stock Picks With Your Shrink? Time to End Therapy

It may be time to terminate when you both start watching the clock

How Therapy Can Change Your Brain

New research suggests it can be as effective as drugs

Antidepressants Versus Therapy

Drugs work fast, but talk therapy teaches skills that can last a lifetime

How to Find the Right Therapist

Why you shouldn't use the yellow pages to find yourself a shrink

Despair, Denial: How You May Feel During Therapy

Don't be surprised if intense, even primitive emotions erupt during sessions

The Best Therapy for Depression?

Read why evidence is pointing toward CBT

Proof and Psychotherapy

An overview of the evidence behind this artful science

Video: Gain Perspective

“You can learn to look after yourself”

Stopping Treatment?

Of course I started slipping back

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