We already love Drew Barrymore for just how relatable and down-to-earth she can be—especially for someone who’s worked in Hollywood since childhood—and now she’s getting even realer. Barrymore opened up to People about how she went through a phase of postpartum depression after the birth of her second daughter, Frankie, 18 months.

“I didn’t have postpartum the first time so I didn’t understand it because I was like, ‘I feel great!’ The second time, I was like, ‘Oh, whoa, I see what people talk about now. I understand,’ ” she said. “It’s a different type of overwhelming with the second. I really got under the cloud.”

Barrymore is one of the many celebrities who have spoken out recently about their struggles with postpartum depression.

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Thankfully, Barrymore says the postpartum depression was “short-lived, probably six months,” and it taught her to enjoy every moment with Frankie and her first daughter, Olive, 3, especially when managing issues with work.

“It’s really important. I was in the kids’ class with Frankie and Olive this morning and I started fretting about some piece of work news that was just stressful,” she said. “You know, in like the Broadway Babies class and it’s the one-hit wonders day, and they’re singing I don’t even know what song, and we’re all doing our lollipop drums and I just thought, ‘Save it until after class.’ One thing at a time.”

Another thing she won’t being stressing about: her weight. “Having a hot body is just not my thing. I care a little, I don’t care a lot,” she said.

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