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Coping With Depression


10 Tips for Feuding Families

How do you make it through that holiday dinner without fighting about politics, religion, or some other hot-button topic? Here are 10 tips. View slideshow

20 Celebrities Who Battled Depression

Depression is a serious illness that can happen to anyone, even people who seem to have it all. Here are 20 famous people, whether actors, singers, or athletes, who have struggled with depression, including postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. View slideshow

10 Tips for Dating With Depression

Dating can be a challenge when you suffer from depression. That said, meeting a new person can also be a source of joy. These 10 simple tips can help make dating a bit easier. View slideshow

Depression and Employment Discrimination

What you can do to protect your rights and try to stay sane at work Read More

The Stigma of Mental Illness

Research suggests it's getting worse. What you can do to help Read More

Self-Help Groups for Depression

They're free. And research suggests they really help Read More

Blogging Helped Me Cope

After suffering from untreated depression for over 20 years, Deborah Gray, 45, of Berkeley, Calif., is coping by helping others suffering with the same disease Read More

Depression Treatment Makeover: Hemmis Edition

Paige Hemmis, a member of the design team on ABC's Emmy Award-winning Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, speaks on how she created a "blueprint" for treating depression. Read More

Help for Children of Depressed Parents

It can be serious, but family friends and grandparents can help Read More

10 No-Cost Strategies to Fight Depression

Exercise, use talk therapy, relax, postpone decisions, get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and avoid alcohol to fight depression for free.  View slideshow

12 Great Blogs for People With Depression

No one can detail life with depression and other mental illnesses better than people who are actually going through it. Here are 12 blogs that provide support, information, and a chance to connect with others. View slideshow

Depression in the Workplace: Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

Should you tell your employer you're depressed? Read More

Surviving Depression Took Strength and Hard Work

People don’t realize depression is a real disease. They think it’s all in your head and you just need to get over it. Read More

How Self-Stigma Hurts People With Depression

Experts say self-stigma can impede a depressed or mentally ill person’s ability to recover. Read More

Why I Don't Blame Myself for Depression

Depression is very isolating. You just don't talk about it in the same way you would if you broke a foot and were going to the hospital. Read More

10 Careers With High Rates of Depression

Some jobs are more depression-prone than others due to stress, unpredictable or long hours, or little control. Here are the 10 fields in which workers are most likely to report having an episode of major depression. View slideshow

17 Ways to Avoid Depression Relapse

Recovering from depression? The thought of a relapse can be scary. But there are steps you can take to avoid a depression relapse in the future. View slideshow

Stigma Haunts Mentally Ill Latinos

Is depression in Latinos—our country's fastest-growing demographic—being ignored? Underdiagnosed? Undertreated? Read More

The Secrets to a Super-Happy Winter

Freezing temps? Check. Gray skies? Check. Crabby mood? Check again. But not for long! It may be gloomy outside, but your outlook doesn’t have to be. Bliss out this season with these mood-boosting strategies. View slideshow

8 Helpful Websites for Coping With Depression

The following websites include an online guide, tips and articles related to coping, online depression communities, and an action plan for recovery. View slideshow

Boost Your Mood Naturally

Who needs a vacation to feel happier? Simple things can brighten your day. Petting a dog for just 15 minutes lowers the stress hormone cortisol. Here’s our list of things to do to boost your mood now! View slideshow

7 Simple Ways to Be Happier

Here’s your recipe for a more joyful life. Read on and say, “So long, dark side.” Read More

Money Trouble? 14 Depression-Fighting Tips

Many people are having a tough time paying bills; others are in even more grim economic straits. Read on for tips on how to maintain your mental health, get a grip on your finances, and maybe even find some personal growth in these tough times. View slideshow

Dos and Don'ts for Dealing with Anger

Anger happens, it's just part of life. But if you have depression you can add anger to the list of common symptoms. But there are things you can do to blunt the effects of this intense and sometimes dangerous feeling. View slideshow

12 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

Worried? Nervous? The distinction between anxiety disorders and "normal" anxiety isn't always clear.  View slideshow