Can’t stop coughing? We can help.

Sometimes that annoying tickle in your throat or an incessant cough just won’t budge and you need additional remedies. Enter: Cough syrup. Though the thick liquid may conjure memories of too-sweet cherry and purple grape concoctions, cough syrup doesn’t have to be packed with artificial flavors and unfamiliar chemicals.

In this video, we show you how to make your own orange spiced cough syrup at home using all-natural ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Follow along to learn how you can cook up the soothing syrup in less than 30 minutes that’s made from vitamin C-packed oranges, coconut oil, and antioxidant-rich cinnamon.

And keep in mind that even though it might be cold and flu season, there are things you can do to protect yourself.

Of course there are the classic choices you can make to prevent the annoying health issues that can coincide with cold weather (we’re looking at you, chills and sneezes). For example, it’s a good idea to get a flu shot every year, avoid close contact with anyone who’s sick, wash your hands with soap, and continue to keep up general health habits, like drinking fluids, eating wholesome foods, and getting an adequate amount of sleep.

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These standard strategies should help, but if you do get a nagging cough or other symptoms, try our all natural cough syrup recipe.