It’s pretty clear when cold and flu season strikes—sniffles are suddenly standard, coughs are common, and runny noses are rampant. But that doesn’t mean you need to be miserable all winter.

Though a typical adult can expect to get two or three colds every year, there are things you can do to help prevent seasonal sickness. For example, research suggests that exercise, switching on a humidifier, and getting enough daily calories may help fight common respiratory infections.

Another stay-healthy trick we fully support? Sleep. Studies have found that people who sleep fewer than seven hours per night are three times more likely to get colds than those who get an adequate amount of shuteye, which typically clocks in around eight hours or more.

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But if you’re starting to feel a scratch in the back of your throat, it’s best to seek immediate comfort—and these orange-spiced cough drops are just the thing.

Made from clean, good-for-you ingredients like fresh-squeezed orange juice, orange blossom honey, and ginger, the simple throat-soothing candies are full of vitamin C, as well as delicious natural flavors. Watch the video to see how easily (and quickly!) you can make all-natural orange-spiced cough drops in your kitchen.