As one of the newest trainers on NBC's The Biggest Loser, our January cover star Jen Widerstrom, 32, is no stranger to helping people get results—and you can steal her secrets no matter your weight-loss goals.

First thing's first: remember that you're making a change for yourself, and be consistent with it. "If your goal is to get to the gym at least three times a week, don't give up that time for yourself," she tells us in her cover shoot video (above). "That consistency over time creates the results that we all want."

But Widerstrom is like the rest of us when it comes to motivation—that is, she told Health she needs the occasional kick in the butt. In addition to taking steps like working out with friends and planning meals ahead of time, she suggests a philosophical strategy: Aim to live up to the promises you've made to yourself.

"It's easier for me to keep commitments to everybody else—like, if I'm meeting my friend, there's no way I would stand you up," she says. "But if I'm like, "I'm going to the gym today," I might be like, "Oh, I'll sleep in." I've got all these excuses why I won't go. There's power in saying, "I said I would go, so I'm going."

Widerstrom also gets a boost from watching the Biggest Loser contestants transform their bodies—and their outlook.

"You see them stand a little taller, they make better eye contact," Widerstrom says. "That swagger really starts to come back. I love that I get to celebrate it with them, and it inspires me in my own life," she says.

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