Anyone who has strived for a time goal on a run (whether it was a marathon or a loop around the park) can relate to the sweet satisfaction expressed in Mindy Kaling's tweet below. "Today I ran a 9.5 minute mile. Which is slow as hell but I've been trying to do it for 8 years! Hooray for me!" the actress wrote.


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Congrats, Mindy! And FWIW, we don't think a 9:30-minute mile is a slow pace by any means—especially for those of us who don't run competitively but enjoy reaping all the health benefits of hitting the pavement.

As runners know, it's easy to get stuck in a one-speed rut, and a real challenge to improve your times. It takes a lot of commitment, including intense speed work and varied cross training, to make a notable change.

According to a list of self-improvement to-dos that Kaling posted on Instragram back in 2014, she's ultimately striving for a 9-minute mile.

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With her new PR, she's so close! In another celebratory post from yesterday, Kaling offered a dose of encouragement to the rest of us chasing after our own fitness goals, sometimes for years at a time: "If I can do it, so can you!"