When Mama June Shannon rose to fame on the TLC reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, viewers witnessed her binge-eat huge portions of junk food and serve her family "sketti," or spaghetti doused in ketchup and butter. But after some time out of the public eye, Mama June Shannon revealed her weight loss transformationand the results are shocking. The 37-year-old, who used to tip the scales at 460 pounds, has shed 300 pounds and is now a size 4. 

Shannon underwent an intense series of operations that started with gastric sleeve surgery, which shrinks the stomach's capacity. “This was the worst surgery,” Shannon told PEOPLE of the procedure. “So painful.” Then, she had breast augmentation, as well as skin removal on her neck, arms, and stomach. Doctors removed 9 pounds of loose skin from her midsection alone.

Those surgeries did not come cheap. Her surgeon told PEOPLE that the total cost was around $75,000. Watch the video above for a cost breakdown of all her weight loss procedures. 

While $75,000 sure sounds steep, it may be worth a lifetime of wellness for Shannon. She explained to PEOPLE that while she's still adapting to her new healthy habits, she's determined to maintain her new weight. And she has an answer for those who say she "cheated" her way to self-improvement: “It’s not like I’m Miss Plastic,” she said to PEOPLE. “I don’t consider a tummy tuck or face skin removal ‘plastic surgery.’ I believe it’s something that makes you feel better than you did with the skin hanging."