When it comes to beauty, celebrities, it turns out, are just like us. Ok, maybe they don't need to make an appointment at their local beauty salon for self-maintenance because most often they'll have someone come to their house to do it, but procedure-wise, we're all equal. And just like you take some time on Sundays for some beautification, so do the stars. Case in point: Lea Michele's latest Snapchat story.

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"This is the real beauty, you guys. This is what happens when you're half-Jewish and half-Italian," the Glee star jokes. The struggle is real, Lea, and we know it.

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Honestly, we'll remember this when we take care of our own fuzzy upper-lips, because it ain't fun to wax that area. Or any region, TBH.  Not gonna lie, we are seriously so comforted knowing that when it comes to upperlip hair, well, being a huge star doesn't make you exempt. That dulls the slight sting... right?


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