Looks like paper snowflakes, pine cone ornaments and popcorn garland—not to mention, Claymation Rudolph—have some serious competition in the Christmas creativity department, thanks to everyone’s fantasy BFF, Mindy Kaling.

The actress debuted an inspired piece of holiday handiwork—The Wreath Witherspoon—on last week's episode of her show, The Mindy Project, and social media took it from there.

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How it went down: Kaling’s pop culture-obsessed character, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, was defending her holiday decorations to her killjoy boyfriend Danny Castellano (played by Chris Messina), after he took down her Rihanna Christmas tree topper and chided, “A Christmas tree is no place for exposed breasts. You’re lucky I let you put up that wreath.” And with that, the camera panned to a wreath bedecked with photos of, you got it, Reese Witherspoon. Ha!

That’s all it took. Within minutes, fans of the show got busy with the scissors, and pretty soon, a holiday sensation, the #WreathWitherspoon phenomenon, was born.


Just a few of the #WreathWitherspoon I've seen on insta. @cbgrandy did you see this?

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The creations caught the eye of Kaling, who created a montage of her faves on her Instagram account. A day later, Witherspoon was in on the joke and regrammed it with an endorsement via caption: “Hahah... Love it!!!”

What's next—Angel-inas in the snow?

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