Between “The Rachel” haircut back in the '90s, her partial ownership of haircare brand Living Proof, and her current luscious locks, Jennifer Aniston is a veritable hair icon. So we totally trust her on matters related to our strands.

Aniston recently talked to fashion news site Fashionista about Living Proof’s new Perfect Hair Day Night Cap hair mask ($28,, and filled them in on how she keeps her tresses so gorgeous while exercising regularly, even though she doesn't shampoo every day. And, no, the answer isn't dry shampoo.

"I’d say I go every two to three days easily without washing my hair...A little sweat in the hair is nice," she said. "It’s a little product. You just blow it out with your fingers and it’s actually just fun.”

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But don’t expect Aniston to further cut down on the whole washing process by chopping off her locks anytime soon. While she says her longtime stylist, Chris McMillan (aka the creator of “The Rachel”) would love to give her a pixie cut, she “never” will.

Although we’re sure she could totally rock a pixie, that’s fine by us—this way we long-haired women can continue stealing her hair styles.

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