R&B singer Janelle Monáe, who recently released her latest single “Yoga,” is known for her borrowed-from-the-boys black and white outfits, signature red lips, and beautiful Afro. But don’t let her pretty fool you: Monáe is not to be messed with, as one man found out when he took to Twitter to criticize her sense of style in a tweet that read:

“@JanelleMonae girl stop being so soulful and be sexy…tired of those dumbass suits…you fine but u too damn soulful man.”

Monáe quickly let the offensive tweeter know that her looks were not up for discussion:


We applaud Monáe for standing up for herself, and putting her critic in his place in a truly classy manner. We hope the troll will think twice before he disrespects any other woman again.

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