Yes, you read that right. A SPIDER. LIVING IN HER EAR.

Deep breaths now. Apparently, after hearing a "rustling" noise (OMG) in her ear for about a week, British pop star Katie Melua went to the doctor to get things checked out. A peek inside her ear canal revealed this nightmare:

Melua thinks the spider got in there (IN HER EAR. HER EAR!!!) when she used an old pair of in-ear monitors to block sound during a flight—"little spider must have been in them," she blithely wrote on Instagram, somehow not completely horrified and appalled like the rest of us.

A spokesperson for Melua told BBC News, "The ear specialist said he'd never in his career taken out a live bug before. Plenty of dead ones. When it was out, it was pretty tiny."

It's true that when viewed in proper context (NOT INSIDE SOMEONE'S EAR), the spider actually doesn't look so monstrous. That doesn't mean we won't be having nightmares for the next few days about bugs crawling into our ears and setting up camp. In fact, my ear feels kind of itchy right now...

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