2015 Maarten de Boer
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The 'Black Sails' actress credits her mom for encouraging her to aim big. 

August 08, 2016

We chatted with the Los Angeles-based actress, who is living her dream as a fan favorite on the Starz drama Black Sails

My role model is...

"My mother. I'm an only child raised by a single mom. She's always been supportive of what I wanted to do. When other people were like, 'Your child wants to be an actor—good luck with that,' she would say, 'No, let her do it!'"

When I feel pressure to conform to traditional beauty standards...

"Thankfully, I've never had anyone tell me that I needed to lose weight or change my appearance. But I was on a set a long time ago where someone mentioned a rumor that the crew could tell when we had salt for lunch. I don't fall for that stuff, but I watched people get quite affected by that negativity."

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If I had to give advice to a young woman going after her dream, I'd say...

"Keep your head on your shoulders. Entitlement is the grossest behavior. We come from different backgrounds. Some people grow up with money in their pocket or they have a certain last name; others have nothing. But it comes down to work ethic. That's where we all play on the same playing field. And listen to your heart a little bit."

My healthiest habit is...

"Water. I watch people around me not drinking any water all day, and I turn into the water police. Being dehydrated very quickly affects my energy."

The world could use more...

"Thoughtfulness. We live in a time when people are tremendously thoughtless. Even the tiny moments count—something as simple as asking somebody how their day was. We have to think behind ourselves."