Risks and Symptoms

Do You Have Breast Cancer in Your Family?

You may want to consider a gene test

How to Watch for Breast Cancer Symptoms

Check yourself, get regular screenings, and don't panic

2 Women Consider Prophylactic Mastectomy

Removing healthy breasts may be smart for some high-risk women

Breast Cancer Quiz

The test for your breasts

Breast Cancer Myths

Can you get it from deodorant?

25 Breast Cancer Myths and Misunderstandings

Does wearing antiperspirant increase your risk?

I Chose Double Mastectomy Because I Have the Cancer Gene

A young, cancer-free woman has her breasts removed

Cut Breast Cancer Risk at Any Age

Steps every woman can take to protect her breast health

Cosmetics and Breast Cancer

Teenage girls, makeup, and environmental risk

Estrogen and Your Breast Cancer Risk

What you need to know about breast cancer and this all-important hormone

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