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Breast Cancer Tests

How Does a Mammogram Work?

How breast X-rays work and what the results can tell you Read More

3 Women Who Found Their Own Breast Cancer

"The cancer felt like a Contac pill under my breast" Read More

Examining Your Own Breasts

Get familiar with them now so you'll notice a change Read More

Having a Breast Biopsy?

This may be the last step in your diagnosis Read More

Interpreting Biopsy Results

Your doctor will explain what it means Read More

A Complete Guide to Breast Cancer Screening

Formal breast self-exams are optional, but since 80% of cancers not spotted on mammography are found by women themselves, experts do endorse being familiar with your breasts. That just means regularly feeling them when you're bathing or getting dressed. View slideshow

13 Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

From a drug that could prevent the disease to a gadget that lets chemo patients keep their hair, we've got good news for all women. View slideshow