Fredric Brandt, MD, the famed dermatologist to the stars, passed away on Sunday at 65. He was a dear friend to Health, and all of us in the beauty community are still mourning the loss of the skincare pioneer, "Baron of Botox," and all-around kind person.

Of course, it made me think of some of the snippets of advice I've taken away from our interviews over the years. Dr. Brandt was the first dermatologist who taught me to never (and he meant never) go outside without sun protection. He even had me convinced that sun protective clothing could be chic. And when he told me that eating sugar could bring on wrinkles due to a process called glycation—which he made a hot topic a few years back—nothing could curb my sweet tooth faster.

But beyond any of that, his greatest gift was helping women feel confident in their own skin. I'll never forget when a previous boss of mine returned from one of her appointments at Dr. Brandt's office looking and feeling rested, rejuvenated, and 10 years younger—she had a new lease on life. His goal, he told the New York Times last year, was "to keep people...feeling vital and good about themselves." That, too, is what we strive to do at Health.