Wet hair. Whether you're poolside or caught in a down pour, there's nothing that gives us more trepidation than having to style wet hair so it still looks great. This is why we sought expert help from Bumble and Bumble. Evanie, one of their amazing stylists, calmly walked us through five simple approaches to styling wet hair. So whether you're in the office with a case of damp frizz after being caught in the rain, or trying to step up your style game at the beach this summer—we've got you covered.

1. Slicked Back


Photo: Courtesy of MIMI/ Katie Weinholt

Parted—or not parted—I found this style is surprisingly wearable. I've never fancied myself the type of girl who couldpull off slicked back hair, but it actually looked good. Keep a comb (fine tooth if you have short hair) and your favorite oil repair product to keep your style in place while frolicking at the beach, and hairspray for the office.

Editor's note: If you (like most people) feel more comfortable with your hair parted, try a deep side part OR a middle part. Live on the edge and revel in your chicness.

2. Half-Up, Half-Down Fishtail


Photo: Courtesy of MIMI/ Katie Weinholt

Pull back your front strands and fishtail them together—it's really that simple! If you don't know how to fishtail, this is the perfect time to enlist a friend for a quick fix.

3. A Low, Thick French Braid


Photo: Courtesy of MIMI/ Katie Weinholt

French braid only the back of your hair and stop at the nape of your neck. Let the rest of your ponytail hang loose.

4. A Half-Hidden Braid


Photo: Courtesy of MIMI/ Katie Weinholt

Without a doubt the most "out of the box" style surprisingly isn't any harder than the rest. Part your hair to the side and French braid the first half then continuing braiding without pulling any new hair into it. Once you've reached the other side of your head, take a small section of hair from underneath and secure both the hair and braid with an elastic. Let the top portion of your hair cover the rest of the braid and then sit back and celebrate pulling off the most office-appropriate hairstyle ever.

5. A Low, Tight, Asymmetrical Bun


Photo: Courtesy of Katie Weinholt

This is definitely my favorite look for every day, because the low bun is easy, quick, and professional. Evanie used a bungee on my hair (which keeps hair more secure), but your regular ponytail elastic will do just fine. Part your hair in the desired location, slick back into a low ponytail, and secure. Then, simply twist and pin into place. Leave the ends of your hair out for a slightly unkempt feel.

Finally, if you just want your hair to dry as beautifully as possible on it's own, make sure to spray Bumble and Bumble's new Surf Infusion spray ($29, sephora.com) all over your head ASAP. It's part salt solution, part oil, so it creates texture and tames flyaways all at once.

With these styles, we might accidentally (read: purposefully) forget our umbrellas next time there's rain in the forecast.

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