It may be 100 years of beauty in one minute, but the team over at Cut Video has already made it around the globe in under 180 days with its series. The latest country to get the time-lapse beauty treatment: Mexico. (They've already done the US, Iran, and Korea.)

The turn of the 20th century brought a very low-key look for Mexican women. They went makeup-free and stuck to simple braids during the Mexican Revolution.

But after that first decade, the trends go seriously glam. All but one of the looks sport gorgeous bright lips, and the hairstyles feature big, bold curls. And this time around, the hairstylists over at Cut embraced that 90’s trend we all know and (secretly) love: the scrunchie.

What’s really fascinating about the series so far is to see where the different countries' looks coincide. Regardless of the geography, the hairstyles of the 1920s and 80s seemed to transcend borderlines, and all of the women sported short flapper-style bobs for the former, and big, teased hair for the latter.

We can’t wait to (virtually) travel through time—and across the globe—for the next clip.

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