New spa services and skin-care products can supposedly combat gravity—and the wrinkles and sagging skin that go with it as we age. Too good to be true? Not necessarily: “Anti-gravity skin care works in a stepwise fashion,” says Dendy Engelman, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. “New collagen formation is induced, which leads to tightening, resulting in skin that’s stronger and more capable of fighting the detrimental effects of gravity.”

The light therapy used in the anti-gravity facial ($225) at George the Salon in Chicago is especially promising. “The ultrasonic stimulation can boost elasticity, leaving skin taut and toned,” says Dr. Engelman. For lifting perks that are more temporary, try:

Dior Capture Torale ($165;

This formula uses longoza plant extract to add plumpness to skin.

Glamglow’s GravityMud ($69; at

The marine algae plasma in this treatment helps firm skin that has lost its suppleness.