Erin Lukas, InStyle
March 21, 2017

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A salon dye job is an investment, and same time and effort that goes into the finding the salon and colorist that’s the right fit for your hair should go into preserving your shade between appointments.

While shampooing is important for cleansing the scalp, a conditioner that’s dye-friendly is the key to restoring any damage from the coloring process. “A specially formulated conditioner for colored hair helps absorb the proteins and prevent the color from fading,” explains Heather Cie, colorist at Cie Sparks Salon.

The pro suggests avoiding product with sulfates, along with keeping your hair texture, color, and if you need a lightweight or rich product in mind when choosing a color-safe conditioner. “The type of ingredients found in conditioners will depend on your hair texture and whether you need a lightweight product or something a bit heavier like a deep conditioning product,” Cie says. “Hair color can play a factor; if you are blonde or have vivid colored hair, you will need a conditioner for longevity and maintain color vibrancy.”

Whether an icy blonde or a rich auburn is your shade of choice, the following conditioners will trick everyone into thinking you just left the salon.

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