Whether you’re headed to a wedding, cocktail party, or even just an elegant night out with friends, you obviously want to rock a gorgeous, head turning ‘do for the occasion. But, in reality, achieving any kind of at-home style beyond a basic blowout or effortless air dry can be pretty daunting. Well, what if we told you it’s totally possible to craft a beautiful looped updo without setting foot in the hair salon or dry bar? All you need is a blow dryer, hair tie, volumizing product, and a couple bobby pins. Once you’ve got your supplies ready, watch this video to learn how to create an elegant yet simple hairstyle, all on your own.

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Dont have time to watch? Heres the full transcript:

Step 1: First things first, blow-dry your hair until it’s completely smooth. If you have curly or coarse hair, you should use a flatiron to get the same sleek-hair effect.

Step 2: Use a volumizing powder. Apply this product to your hairline and your crown at the roots. Then run some smoothing wax through your hair.

Step 3: Tie your hair in a ponytail just above the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Grasp the end of the ponytail with your thumb and index finger, and bring it up to the base to create a loop, and pin it in place: Be sure to leave a few inches loose at the end of the loop of hair.

Step 5: Wrap the loose strands of hair over the elastic to completely cover it. Then tuck your hair under the elastic and secure it with another pin to create a sleek, flawless look.