You've been doing it your whole life—stepping into a steamy hot shower each day to clean your body, shave, and wash your hair. It's a hygienic necessity that might actually do some serious harm to your skin if you're not careful. Watch this video to see the ways that you might be wrecking your skin during your shower, and what you can do to keep it looking gorgeous. 

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The water is too hot: Scalding showers can lead to dry, itchy skin. Turn the water up, let the room get steamy, then turn the temperature down before getting in.

You're using harsh soap: Skip antibacterial soaps.

You're over-scrubbing: It strips skin of good bacteria that protect against acne.

You don't clean your razor: Rinse it in scalding hot water before you use it to get rid of germs.

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You don't wear shower shoes at the gym: Wear flip-flops in communal showers to avoid infections, like athlete's foot.