Brian Henn

Buy one pair of jeans, get two totally different looks.

It's possible with reversible denim from Bleulab. To the left is the Cheetah Print/Charcoal Coating Detour Legging ($233; with faux leather on one side and a fun animal print on the other.

But are these jeans a must-have or a gimmick? Health staffers tried on the trend:

"Not only do they fit like a glove, but both sides are super soft and comfy. Plus, they're lightweight and perfect for travel--two for one."

--Lan Yin Bachelis, Creative Director

"Cool concept, but the ones I tried were black and gray--too similar. Choose one of the combos that reverses to a wildly different look."
--Lisa Lombardi, Executive Editor

"I love how I can switch from a leathery style to cheetah. I actually did this going from work to dinner with friends. So versatile!"
--Nicole McGovern, Assistant Fashion Editor