One of the hottest makeup trends of the moment: Looking like you're not wearing any makeup at all. From celebs to models, everyone seems to be rocking this minimalist look right now. But you don't have to be famous to achieve I-woke-up-like-this level beauty. To get this fresh look, you can definitely opt to skip the makeup altogether and embrace your face au natural. But if you feel naked without just a bit of makeup, you can apply a couple quick touch ups to boost your flawless face. Watch this video to learn the simple steps to achieving the "no-makeup" look.

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Step 1: Start with a bit of primer. Be sure to pat, rather than rub, it into your skin. This technique will help avoid irritation, leaving your skin glowing.

Step 2: Apply just enough foundation to smooth out your skin tone. Use a makeup brush to make sure your coverage is even and consistent.

Step 3: With a makeup brush, apply a soft layer of eye shadow to your lids and just below your brow line. Make sure you pick shades that resemble your natural skin tone, to maintain the no-makeup aesthetic.

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Step 4: Finish off your eye makeup with a couple coats of mascara. Opt for shades that resemble your natural hair color.

Step 5: Using a small makeup brush, apply a bit of concealer in a “v” shape under your eyes.

Step 6: Get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow with some bronzer. Apply this product in an “L” shape from your cheekbone to your temple. Then, using a larger brush, soften the look of the bronzer by blending it in.

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Step 7: Add some highlighter in a “C” shape from your cheekbones to your forehead.

Step 8: Brush your brows and fill in the gaps between your hairs using a brow pencil.

Step 9: Rather than lipstick, go for a tinted lip balm to boost your lips while still looking natural.

Alternatively, you can skip the makeup entirely! Either way: Be bold and be you!