I love painting my nails, but much to my dismay, have never quite had the talent to pull off the intricate nail design ideas featured in magazines and Pinterest.

I’ve tried Crackle, polka dots, and even a basic French manicure, with no luck. Thus, I have grown to accept the fact that I will never be able to waltz around with ladybugs, hearts, or cheetah-adorned fingernails.

But a new nail trend recently caught my eye—magnetic nail polish. This nail polish gives users a cool, wavy design in a matter of minutes and thankfully doesn’t seem to require a lot of skill.

Combining science with beauty, the nail polish itself contains little pieces of metal. You can then use the magnet conveniently located on the top of the bottle to create the swirly pattern.

There are a lot of different brands you can try, but I used Sally Hansen’s magnetic nail color in Red-y Response (about $9).

The application was simple enough. To create the design I simply held the magnet over (but not touching) the nail polish for about 10-15 seconds. For the accident-prone, the magnet comes with a guide that prevents you from placing it directly on top of the nail polish. Of course, I managed to smudge my nails anyway.

I tried this twice, and was much happier with my results the second time. I think the trick is to apply a thick enough second coat, and then immediately place the magnet over your nail. As the directions indicate, make sure to apply the second coat and create your design one nail at a time. If you let the nail polish dry, the magnet won’t work.

I was pretty happy overall with the results (pictured above).

Finally, a nail trend even I can pull off!