Credit: Laura Doss

Whether you call it Chianti, Bordeaux or burgundy, warm earthy-toned red is definitely the "it" color for fall, says Kendal Perez, deals expert for

Add the runway trend to your wardrobe with a chic pair of burgundy jeans or simply rock a crimson lipstick.

As a general guide for picking the right lip shade, think brownish reds for medium to dark skin tones and plum reds for lighter complexions. And stay away from hard-to-wear matte finishes—they can be drying and make thin lips seem thinner.

Instead, opt for moisturizing lip colors full of nourishing ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E.

To keep the look modern, resist the urge to apply your lipstick straight from the tube. Use your index finger to press the formula over your top and bottom lips for a soft stain effect. Keep the rest of your makeup light and neutral so you won’t look too done up.