Credit: Ocean/Corbis

I'm always fascinated by women who can apply a full face of makeup on the subway or bus. While I’m scared of stabbing myself with a mascara wand during sudden stops, learning the art of commuter primping can have its advantages, especially if it gets you an extra fifteen minutes of much-needed beauty sleep.

Here, celebrity makeup artist Suzy Gerstein shares her secrets to a truly on-the-go, quick and easy, flawless face.

What to keep in your purse:

1) Choose a cream or powder foundation that comes in a compact to prevent spillage.

2) Opt for pen concealers for easy touch-ups. Look for "brightening" formulas that contain light reflective particles to hide dark circles. And remember less is more. Brush cover-up on in thin layers to areas that need a pick-me-up like the inner corner of the eye and beside the nose.

3) Go for a cream blush that can be applied with your fingertips and pick shades like pearlescent peach and dusty rose that you can dab onto both cheeks and eyes. Apply to the apple of cheeks (or slightly below, in hollows for more of a contouring effect) and swipe on eye lids, stopping at the creases.

4) Skip eye liner—it's hard to pull off in a moving vehicle. Instead, swipe on mascara to frame your eyes. Hold the wand horizontally at the base of top lashes and literally "blink" into the wand. This way you can close your eyes and let the brush do the work (without fear of poking). Use what‘s left over on the wand to groom brows.

5) Too-goopy glosses are messy so stick with lipsticks or stains. Go for sheer shades; super bright colors tend too show any little mistake.

Genius in-motion tricks:

6.) Pack a small mirror with suctions on the back in your purse and stick it to taxi, bus, or subway windows to free up your hands.

7.) Keep elbows close to your body for extra control and to steady shaky hands.

8.) Stock up on cotton swabs or makeup sponges like the Beauty Blender. They do it all. Soften hastily applied foundation lines, "erase" makeup mistakes, and replace makeup brushes.