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Celebrity hairstylist David Lopez broke down the twisted style into three simple steps ahead.

Jessica Cruel, Popsugar Beauty
November 04, 2015

Like most of the epic braids we envy, we first spotted the cage braid on Instagram. The plait is a combination of the classic french and a fishtail. A central braid sits between little waterfalls of hair that move from the outside in. The finished plait looks just like a ribcage. At first glance, it seems impossible to do at home, but it is a lot easier to achieve than it looks (we promise!). T3 celebrity hairstylist David Lopez broke down the twisted style into three simple steps ahead.

Makeup by Maya Calhoun of Stylisted.

Step 1: Section Off Hair

Make a middle part and divide hair into three sections: two from hairline to crown and one large back section. Start a french braid at the very top of the crown section.

Step 2: Weave In Hair

This is where the braid takes the form of a fishtail. As you continue down the hair, you want to add in small pieces of hair from the two front sections. Just like in the classic fishtail braid, you want to grab hair from the outermost section over, but leave it loose.

The Braid

Once you've added all the hair in, the braid looks like a medieval version of the french braid.

Step 3: Pin Up

To reveal the "cage," lift the braid at the crown and insert a bobby pin. This creates separation between the central plait and the hair underneath, giving the style a 3D ribcage effect.

The Finished Cage Braid

The Finished Look

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