The Internet has been a-flutter the past few weeks about a new technique of mask treatments. Its name is multi-masking, and as you might guess, it involves using multiple masks, at the same time.

And by that I mean, one mask in a concentrated area of your face, and another one in a different region, depending on the conditions of your skin you want to treat. Obviously, I was intrigued. Don't get me wrong, I love my beauty routine, but anything that can make it more efficient is always good in my book. Plus, I've noticed that certain parts of my face need different kinds of TLC on any given day.

So, I decided to give it a whirl. I chose the Caudalie Purifying Mask to put on my jawline and a small patch of my forehead where I am, ahem, prone to breakouts at certain times in my cycle. Then, I put my moisturizing mask of choice, the Eve Lom Moisture Mask (it is div-ine), on my cheeks and temples, which are the areas of my face that tend to get a little dry, and uncomfortably tight if I were to use a clay mask on them. And, since my eyes had been puffy and I was very tired, I used my go-to Skyn Iceland Hydra Cool Firming Eye Gels to top my pamper session off.

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And then, I stopped thinking about it. I simply plopped myself on my couch to watch an episode of Endeavor, which is a TV show that pretty much mandates your full attention or you won't understand. I like to do masks while I unwind, and normally that involves a TV show as well, but, having two masks on at the same time was a serious game changer. I didn't have to get up to wash my face and swap out my mask for another one in the middle of the show, and I didn't experience any tightening or discomfort which might set in using a clay mask, which is my face's special way of telling me, "I'm done"

I got the targeted results I needed, I pampered myself, and I was actually able to focus on the show I was trying to enjoy. Call me a convert.

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