The New York Times recently ran a two-part series looking into the treatment of manicurists in New York City nail salons and it has a lot of people in NYC thinking twice about their inexpensive manicures.

The investigation revealed that many of the city's nail salon employees pay $100 to $200 as a "training fee" to salon owners before they can be considered worthy of earning a wage, which can be as low as $10 a day before tips. Technicians are also regularly exposed to potentially toxic chemicals in nail products that have been linked to cancer, miscarriages, lung diseases, and other ailments.

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Following the exposé, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that a task force will look into the health hazards and wage theft workers face and shut down salons that don't pay back wages.

Whether you've always done your own nails or are thinking about starting now, there are a few tricks to getting a great DIY manicure. Watch this video with Health Beauty Director Ilana Blitzer to learn more.

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