Finally, a boy band tune we can hum with pride! In her spot-on One Direction parody “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup,” comedian (and feminist superhero) Amy Schumer calls bull on all pop songs that pretend to celebrate natural beauty, when what they really mean is model-like conventional beauty.

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In the video (which also aired Tuesday on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer), a quartet of young men surround Schumer in her kitchen as she’s about to go out for the day:

“Girl, it ain’t no lie / Look deep into my eyes / You’re perfect and I think you should know / That you don’t need no lipstick / You don’t need no blush / Cause you’ve got that inner natural glow

While the singers dance around her living room, they encourage her to remove “that goop” by chanting a chorus of “Wipe it off!” But as soon as she’s bare-faced, the shocked guys change their tune and usher her back to the vanity.

"Just a little makeup, some natural-looking makeup” the guys beg. Schumer's exasperated look in the last scene says it all.

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The song pokes fun at the fact that a man's concept of beauty au natural is totally skewed. Clear skin, a glowing complexion, long, full lashes—making all that look natural takes work. So let's not pretend it doesn't.

Hilariously, the sketch captures how much work we need to do to re-think our culture's definition of beauty. (At the very least, it really would be nice to not feel pressure to look perfectly put together all the time.)

But what we love most about this sketch is that Schumer turned it into an empowerment movement: When she tweeted a request for bare-faced photos Tuesday night, the #girlyoudontneedmakeup hashtag quickly went viral.


These are just a few of the refreshing snaps Schumer retweeted:




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Now that is beautiful.

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