Master that French je ne sais quoi with beauty products that beautifully remove makeup, moisturize skin, and more.

Julia Naftulin
June 13, 2017

French women are famous for their effortlessly chic style, but their skincare routines are also worth emulating. As Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of the skin-care line Caudalie, previously told Health, French women have mastered the no-makeup-makeup look by focusing on the health of their skin. Many tried-and-true French beauty brands contain powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, lavender, and shea butter to soothe and moisturize. And while a trip to a drugstore in France is (sadly) not an option for most of us, Amazon sells a variety of beloved French beauty brands—so you can get your hands on some of the country's best beauty exports without leaving the U.S. C’est magnifique!

Here, eight French beauty products with stellar Amazon reviews that are worth trying out.

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