Thanks to the Kardashian clan, contouring has become the latest and greatest makeup trend. You’ve likely heard that it’s the best technique for slimming down your jawline and cheekbones a la Kim K. But did you know that the concept of contouring can also be used to boost your beautiful eyes? So if you’re feeling tired of standard smoky eyeshadow or your go-to cat eye eyeliner for a night out, give this fun makeup technique a go. Watch the video to learn how to apply the perfect eyeshadow contour for a sexy look.

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Dont have time to watch? Heres the full transcript:

Step 1: Get your eyelids ready by prepping them with a neutral eyeshadow powder. Then gently blend this in until it evenly covers your entire lid.

Step 2: Before you start applying any shadow, you must locate your natural crease. Be sure you do so while your eye is open, not closed, in order to find the correct crease zone.  

Step 3: Apply a warm brown shadow to the crease of your eye, then blend in to soften the look.

Step 4: After you’ve applied this shadow to your crease, apply the same color under your outer lash line, and also blend in.

Step 5: Your look is totally ready to go at this stage, but you can also add on some extra steps to get your eyes prepped for a night out!

Step 6: Take it from day to night by applying a darker shadow in a C-shape from your top lash line to the bottom.

Step 7: Dot some highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes as well as along the brow bone to brighten up your whole look.

Now youre really ready to take your eyes out on the town!