10 Beauty Oils That Will Transform Your Skin and Hair

Far from greasy, these products will leave you with shinier hair and younger-looking skin. 

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For the longest time, we've been trying to stop our bodies from producing too much oil. These days, though, oils are a definite beauty do—even for people who've struggled with shiny skin and greasy hair. Beauty experts have discovered that certain oils have anti-aging and hydrating properties when applied topically to the body.


When shopping for beauty oils, just beware not all products are compatible with your skin and hair type. Some oils might work better for people who run dry, while others are designed for oil-prone skin. Likewise, certain oils work better at night as opposed to daytime.


To take out some of the guesswork, here's a selection of our favorite hair and body oils that work well with all skin and hair types. 

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