Models Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard have basically become synonymous with the body positive movement, breaking down barriers in both fashion and beauty campaigns right and left. Now these women are giving us even more inspo with the recently launched All Woman Project.

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"This project started because we both genuinely believe that huge brands can be more diverse in their choice of models and body shapes," says Howard. "We hope the All Woman Project proves that both straight and curve models can feature in the same campaigns, and look great in doing so. Although society leads us to believe our flaws are shameful, we hope to prove there's nothing wrong with our bodies and we want women to start loving theirs. Everyone deserves to feel represented in fashion, and we hope young girls viewing the campaign can see their shapes represented by the models we've used."

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Howard and Desseaux are encouraging anyone who wants to join the movement to answer their #iamallwoman callout, starting September 12, on clapit, a new social media platform. The call to action starts September 12 and the most "clapped" submissions will have a chance to appear on The All Woman Project's official website.


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