As if you don’t have enough ways to show the world your adorable pet photos and latest vacay snapshots, there’s a new idea right at your fingertips—literally.

NCLA, the nail brand known for trendy lacquers and wraps (their latest collab is with Hello Kitty), has introduced the myNCLA app, which lets you upload your photos and turn them into customized nail art. Fun, right?

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The process is simple: Download the app on iTunes, then choose a template. You can keep it simple or make it even more unique by adding a half-moon or stripe down the middle. Then snap or upload a pic of anything you like, from a cool patterned fabric to your favorite flower to the sunset on your honeymoon. Next, fine-tune your design by scaling, cropping, or rotating your image so it appears exactly as you like it and place your order.

For $19—comparable to the cost of a mani—you’ve got yourself some one-of-a-kind nail art that is sure to score a ton of likes.

Photo: Courtesy NCLA

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