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Hair color fading fast? Here’s how to prolong your dye job without logging any time in the salon!

Shampoo less
Cut back on washing strands to every other day. And switch to a shampoo and conditioner formulated for color-treated hair. They contain gentler detergents and get rid of dirt and oil without removing color molecules. Stay clear of clarifying cleansers and dandruff products that strip dye.

Condition more
Slather on a deep conditioning mask once a week to smooth cuticles, lock in color, and add moisture. Look for one with color-protecting UV filters to keep hair from fading in the sun.

Skip too-hot showers
Finish with a cool rinse in the shower—it helps close cuticles and keep your hair color in. Also consider installing a filter in your shower head to keep mineral deposits in tap water from making hair brassy, green, or lackluster.

Glaze between colorings
Apply an at-home glaze after shampooing once a week. These colorless shine boosters help to protect against free radicals and punch up dull color.

Lay off hot tools
Heat styling can make your hair porous, allowing color to seep out more easily. To keep your shade fresh, cut back on drying time, lower heat settings, and spritz on a thermal protectant before styling.

Switch sides
As your roots grow in, keep them moving. Try changing your part, or sub in an updo. Remember to add height with volumizing products. Flat, matted hair makes roots look much more prominent.

Cover up roots
If your roots are beginning to show, use a temporary touch-up stick or tinted dry shampoo to hide regrowth. Both provide fast coverage and they wash right out after your next shampoo. Mascara and dark eye shadow work in a pinch.