You may not know his full name, but you surely know his face: Burt Shavitz, the co-founder of Burt's Bees, and "The Bee Man," as he was known, passed away on Sunday at the age of 80. You've seen him—his wild beard, white hair, and classic conductor cap—adorn the school bus yellow packaging of some of the brand's cult favorite products.

A passionate beekeeper, wisecracker, and lover of nature, he was an unlikely face of a cosmetics company. He started by simply doing what he loved—making honey from beehives. Eventually, the leftover beeswax was turned into candles, and later on, lip balm, as Burt's Bees, the company that's now synonymous with natural beauty, grew and blossomed.

"Burt never set out to change the world, but he was a pioneer who found himself always on the precipice of progress," the company said in a statement. He was a "complex man who sought a simple life" and always stayed true to who he was. There is much to be learned from the way Burt lived his life, and his commitment to nature and the environment. Here, six life lessons we can all take away from the kind, passionate, free-spirited man who will live on forever in our hearts—and our Hand Salve.

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Remember the simple things can be the most magical


Be refreshingly honest

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Live life your way


Let nature ground you


Follow your own curiosities and passion, and be rewarded

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Live your life one day at a time

Photos: Getty; Quotes provided by Burt's Bees