Slathering, tapping, massaging—does it really matter how you apply the stuff? Actually, yes, says Christy Cella, vice president of education at Clarins. You’re not smearing a bagel after all. “The right technique will help target all signs of aging— puffiness, lines, shadows and sagging,” she says. Just avoid these common mistakes, which can have the opposite effect on eyes.

OD’ing on eye cream

Too much could be the cause of irritation and swollen undereyes. A pea-size amount is generally all you need to treat both eye hollows. If yours are on the drier side, let the cream sink in for two minutes before applying a little more.

Rubbing it in

Repeated pulling can loosen the delicate skin around the eyes. Pressing lightly with your pointer, middle and ring fingertips is a much gentler approach. Pro tip: First warm up the product between the balls of your fingers so it better sinks into skin.

Applying the cream right under your eyes and directly on lids.

This can cause the product to pool and create puffiness. Instead, press along the orbital bone, working from inner corners up to temples to stimulate microcirculation. Repeat on the brow bone and above brows to prevent dreaded eyelid droop that comes with age. “From there, it will naturally migrate to lids and undereyes,” Cella explains.


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