The TRUTH About the Most Confusing Weight Loss Concepts

Recently a family friend said to me, “Weight loss is so confusing, I just feel like giving up!” Unfortunately I hear that a lot, and I totally get it. The truth is, while some of what you hear is based on new research, many weight loss trends are just that - trends designed to generate buzz, sell products, and keep consumers “tuned in.”

7 Crazy Weight-Loss Methods You Should Never Try

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, another quick fix weight-loss method pops up. Over the years I’ve heard about weight-loss lollipops, diet chopsticks, even slimming sunglasses (designed to change the color of food and make it unappetizing). What worries me are approaches that are invasive, extreme, and downright dangerous.

6 Healthy Reasons to Keep Loving Coffee

I adore coffee, so I wasn’t surprised when I came a cross a recent study, which found that drinking java is linked to positive emotions, including pleasure, kindness, affection, satisfaction, friendship, calm, and happiness.

6 Healthy Eating Tips for Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

Katy Perry recently revealed that she went on a strict three-month detox prior to her Vogue magazine shoot, and was quoted as saying, “I just wanted to be glowing for that cover.” To help your skin look its best, you don’t have to go to the California Gurl’s extremes, but six simple habits can definitely help you get your glow on.

6 Summer Diet Traps That Pile on the Pounds

It has been sweltering throughout much of the U.S., and while high temperatures and humidity can lead to eating light, hot weather can also result to unconsciously taking in hundreds of excess calories. Here are six major calorie traps you may unknowingly fall into while attempting to chill out--and what to reach for instead.

Planning a Detox or Juice Cleanse? 5 Dos and Don’ts

Detoxes and cleanses have become so mainstream, you may feel like you’re doing something wrong if you haven’t tried at least one. But the truth is detoxes and cleanses aren’t right for everyone, and they can even backfire.

5 Ways to Get Fit With Facebook, Pinterest, and More

I have to admit, I was reluctant to join Pinterest, I’m still a newbie on Instagram, and I barely understand how to use my Google+ account. Each time a new social media platform pops up, I think, “I’m already on Facebook and Twitter, how the heck will I have time for another site or app?”

Fruit Isn't Making You Fat, and Here's Why

Sugar has been making headlines as of late, with celebrities and trainers alike singling it out as one of the key culprits in America’s obesity crisis. Trouble is, fruit–because it contains natural sugar–sometimes gets lumped in with foods like baked goods, candy, and sugary drinks, and as a result, unnecessarily shunned.

The 4 Biggest Myths About Fat (and How to Lose It)

At a recent get-together, I overheard a few friends talking about their weight loss woes. One said, “My problem is I have a gym membership and I never use it.” The other laughingly replied, “I work out every morning, but I can’t seem to lay off the ice cream at night.” The conversation reminded me of talks I’ve had with clients, who were convinced that if they could just change one habit, they’d be sitting across from me in very different bodies.