Watch the Hysterical Mockumentary of a Musical About the Postpartum Period, Cracked Nipples and All

"Postpartum: The Musical" captures this, erm, special period in a woman's life via one new mom on a mission to educate future mothers about the physical toll of childbirth—through show tunes.

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This hilarious video captures just how challenging it is to do household chores when you have a pint-sized “helper” following you around.

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If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably couldn’t get enough of the stereotype-busting girls featured in the Always ad. You’re in luck, because there’s more inspiring footage of them in this extended, three-minute version of the video.

Watch the Hilarious Video That Pokes Fun at the (Very Real) Ways Parents Shame Each Other

Parenting isn’t a competitive sport, but it can sometimes feel that way. This video mocks every stereotypical debate: Working moms versus stay-at-home moms. Home birthers versus hospital mamas. Breast-exclusive versus formula-assisted.