How My Weight Loss Scored Me a New Job

When I started to lose weight, I knew my diet would change my closet and my self-esteem. I never guessed that it would score me a new job, too!

Salt Smackdown: Why Sodium Can Pack on the Pounds

Right now my diet archnemesis is a pesky ingredient hidden in nearly all the foods we eat—salt.

Gear Guide: New Balance Lightweight Convertible Jacket

Dressing for a fall outdoor workout can be a challenge. It’s usually a little nippy when I start out, then by mid-workout I’m ready to shuck a layer. To my rescue: the New Balance Lightweight Convertible Jacket, which converts easily from a jacket to a vest, thanks to removable sleeves.

5 Ways to Keep Your Marriage From Making You Fat

Recently, I got myself into an unhealthy rut. And, not surprisingly, so did my husband. Studies have shown that married people are more likely to pack on the pounds than their single peers.

Gear Guide: Reebok Versawalk DMX Max Walking Shoes

I do a lot of walking, so I’m picky about my shoes. My last three go-to pairs have all been the same style of Rykas; I fell in love with the first pair, then eventually bought two more before the style was discontinued. Recently, I wore through the last of them. As if on cue, Reebok sent me a pair of their new Versawalk DMX Max walking shoes to test out. Excellent timing!

Be a Nutrition Know-It-All: Your Guide to the New Packaging Labels

It's easy to get distracted by misleading claims on your fave foods. Thankfully new nutrition labeling programs are making shopping trips easier.

Healthy Cooking on the Cheap: Easy Chicken Enchiladas, Pan-Seared Salmon, and More

Cooking seasonal meals is the best way to stretch your dollar at the dinner table, so I have more fall-inspired recipes to keep your tummy full and your bills low.

How to Lose Weight When You Hit an Exercise Hurdle

Exercising was integral part of my weight loss—but it's even more important in my current weight maintenance phase. So you can imagine how I felt when I learned I might have to stay away from the gym.

Gear Guide: A Great Way to Carry Your Stuff While You Work Out

Sure, pocketless workout wear looks sleek, but it presents a bit of a problem when it comes to finding a place to put my keys, ID, etc., when I head out to skate or Nordic walk. I’ve tried holders that clip to my waist, wrap around my arm or ankle, clip to my shoe, but I’ve never been totally satisfied—until now. Allow me to introduce the SPIbelt.

Want to Drop a Dress Size? Clean Up Your Kitchen

The physical aspect of moving is tough work, especially if you don't hire movers, but living in a new place is like turning over a new leaf—particularly in my kitchen.