Diet Like a Pro Football Player

You don't have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of these weight loss tips

Want to See the Scale Move? Make Some New Friends

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Are you short on motivation? Here are 4 reasons why a weight loss blog may help you find your Feel Great Weight.

Mozart May Have Died of Complications From Strep Throat

So ill he could not move, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart supposedly sang parts of his final masterpiece Requiem as instructions to his assistant from his deathbed. Two centuries later, the exact cause of the legendary composer’s death in December 1791 at age 35 is still a mystery. Theories abound. It’s known that his entire body was so swollen he couldn’t turn over in bed; some say jealous rivals poisoned him, while others suggest lethal trichinosis from under-cooked pork, scarlet fever, or tuberculosis.

Short Kids Are Just As Popular As Taller Peers

Contrary to popular belief, children who are short for their age are just as socially adept and well-behaved as their taller classmates, a new study finds. While kids of short-stature report a marginally higher level of teasing, they stand up to their taller peers across a range of social, emotional and behavioral measures. And that’s true regardless of race, gender or other factors.

The Gooey Future of Birth Control, Why Hardship Can Strengthen Marriage, and How to Save for Back to School

We've got back-to-school on the brain here at, and the moms on staff were happy to stumble across these tips for packing eco-friendly lunches. Eeven those of us without kids (but with a limited food budget and plenty of leftovers) will probably make use of these suggestions! [Green Daily] Speaking of going back to school—and limited budgets—Microsoft is paying up to 50% cash back to people who use their new search engine, Bing, to shop for school supplies. Stock up and save on books, clothes, soccer cleats, lunch totes, healthy snacks, and more. [All You]

Gear Guide: A Simple Way to Measure Body Fat at Home

I’d been thinking recently that knowing how much I weigh is all well and good, but it doesn’t tell me about the kind of weight I’m carrying. How much fat is burdening this body of mine? Do I have an excess of it, dragging me inexorably toward unappealing destinations like heart disease and diabetes? This inquiring mind wanted to know. Since I don’t belong to a gym or have a trainer on-hand to perform such calculations, I chose to do the deed at home (twice!) with Sequoia Fitness’ new Defender Body Fat Caliper and Warrior Digital Body Mass Caliper.

"Simple Ingredients May Be Trendy, but Not Necessarily Healthy

Why it’s necessary to look beyond the bold type on the package and go straight to the Nutrition Facts panel.