'Cell Phone Elbow' -- A New Ill for the Wired Age

First came Nintendo thumb. Then, Guitar Hero wrist. Now, for the latest affliction of the wired age, it's cell phone elbow.

Gear Guide: Women's Sun-Protective Hiking Apparel

A few years ago, Health magazine’s art department named a color after me: “As tan as Su will ever get.” It was a very pale, pinky beige. I burn like a marshmallow over a campfire, so I never leave the house without slathering my exposed skin with sunscreen. Until recently, though, I’d never really given thought to the protection my clothes gave me. Turns out the average white t-shirt only provides a UPF of about 5—not much leeway, in my case. Seems I’m the perfect person to check out the new trend of UPF clothes.

Many Women Put Pregnancy Plans on Hold in Shaky Economy

Nearly 1 in 5 married women aged 18 to 44 years say the shaky economy has affected their plans to increase the size of their family, according to a survey released in May by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Nearly 1 in 10 said they had put off a planned pregnancy due to the economy.

Man Detained at Airport After Chemo Drug Wipes Out Fingerprints

People who take the widely used cancer drug Xeloda may see their fingerprints disappear, which could lead to major headaches when traveling to countries—like the United States—that require fingerprint identification. In fact, a 62-year-old man from Singapore who was taking the drug was detained at airport customs for four hours before US immigration officers “were satisfied that he was not a security threat,” Dr. Eng-Huat Tan of the National Cancer Centre in Singapore and his colleagues report in a case study published in the Annals of Oncology.

Cancer Death Rate Dropped by Nearly 20% in 15-Year Period

Better prevention and treatment means that fewer people are dying of cancer than in the past. In fact, 650,000 lives were spared from cancer between 1990 to 2005, according to new American Cancer Society statistics. During the 15-year-period, the cancer death rate among men dropped by 19.2 percent—mainly due to decreases in lung, prostate and colon cancer deaths. In women, the cancer death rate fell by 11.4 percent, largely due to a drop in breast and colorectal cancer deaths.

NFL Athletes at Risk for High Blood Pressure

They’re bigger, brawnier, and faster than the typical male, but are National Football League players healthier than other men their age? Yes and no, according to a new NFL-funded study that looks at the cardiovascular health of young athletes.

The Smart Way to Splurge at Your Summer Barbecue

Barbecues are my favorite part of the summer, but sometimes these get-togethers make it too easy to overindulge.

Gear Guide: Gregory Dipsea Women's Active Trail Pack

This past weekend, I took a weekend trip with my best friend Bren to a hiker-friendly state park in western Georgia. There, I had the perfect opportunity to test out the new women-specific Gregory Dipsea trail pack.

My Favorite Websites: Online Answers to All Your Food Questions

Dietitians may seem like nutrition encyclopedias, but that's usually just because we've gotten really good at knowing where to look for the answers to just about every nutrition question. We all have our favorite web sites, for example, that we check frequently for the latest nutrition research, as well as healthy recipes developed by top chefs.

Lift It to Lose It: The Benefits of Strength Training

Confession: I've been flexing my arms in the mirror lately. Read how strength training has helped me trim down and keep my bones strong.